What every parent should know about having a child with Down’s syndrome – goodtoknow

Around 775 children are born with Down’s syndrome in the UK each year.

But despite an increase in awareness and visibility, there is still a long way to go to change perceptions of what it’s like to have a child with the condition.

Hayley Goleniowska’s second daughter Natty was born with Down’s syndrome. Since then Hayley has created the world-renowned parenting blog Downs Side Up, to help challenge stereotypes and open up a discussion about life as a parent of a child with Down’s syndrome.

Natty has since become the first child in the UK with a disability to star in a back-to-school fashion campaign, and is, as Hayley puts it, ‘funny, and beautiful and clever and just absolutely hysterical’.

Hayley has spoken to us about how her own perception of Down’s syndrome has changed since having Natty, and what every mum…

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