A bill to prohibit a commonly used method to terminate a pregnancy goes to the House and on to shield from lawsuits doctors who don’t tell parents of potential birth defects wins preliminary approval.

AUSTIN – Abortion rights advocates suffered two defeats in the Texas Senate on Monday when a measure to prohibit a commonly used method to terminate a pregnancy was sent to the House and another to shield doctors who don’t tell patients about possible severe birth defects from lawsuits won preliminary passage.

Both measures received the support of all the Republicans who dominate the Senate and of Brownsville Democrat Eddie Lucio.

The fate of the first one, Senate Bill 415, which would ban so-called dilation and evacuation abortions in the second trimester, was sealed last week when senators overwhelmingly gave it preliminary approval. The final vote on Monday was largely procedural.

Senate Bill 25 would address a 1975 Supreme Court ruling that allowed parents to sue for malpractice if they were not told that a baby might be born with severe disabilities because they might have elected to abort. In a lawsuit, parents could seek money to offset the expense of raising a child whose medical needs were extraordinary.

The bill’s author, Conroe Republican Brandon…