Togo Figure Skating Club offers Grammy glitz

            Members of the Togo Figure Skating club and their parents transformed the Togo Centennial Arena into a Grammy Awards theatre, complete with a wall covered in gold records.

            “I came up with the idea for this year’s theme of the Grammy Awards,” said Kate Erhardt.

She is the only member of the Togo club who is currently enrolled in the STARSkate program.

“During the program today all the skaters will be doing routines to songs that

have won Grammy awards in the past,” she said.

            “We have 23 skaters in our club that range in age from three to 14 years,” said Amanda Burback, club president. “They skate on all natural ice here at the Togo arena, so we didn’t get started with practices until the end of December when ice conditions finally became optimal.

            “The only time we have cancelled practice was because of temperatures that hit minus 43, and were in the minus 50s with wind-chill,” she said. “But we have also skated in puddles.”

            Burback explained that the club is run completely by volunteers, and they hold an annual In Good Taste fundraiser in November so they can keep their skating fees “the lowest in the whole world!”

            Krysta Taylor of Roblin, Man. is the club’s coach.

“She is a great coach,” said Burback. “She had coached for us for many years before this one, went to…

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