New Study Recommends Nasal Spa® as Ideal Nasal Spray for Babies

“We encourage mothers and fathers of newborns who regularly suffer from nasal problems to give Nasal Spa® a try and experience for themselves why researchers have pinned it as a baby-friendly product,” said Zhao.

A recent study demonstrated Pharmed’s Nasal Spa® nasal spray as being the ideal nasal spray for babies, comparing it to two other competing products on the market.

Pharmed LLC was founded with a desire to provide consumers access to high-quality nutritional and medicinal products, and has since grown into an international brand with 36 manufacturers in China, Europe and the United States. Its Nasal Spa® product has drawn a lot of praise, and now studies confirm it is an ideal solution for babies who experience nasal dryness and other nasal health issues.

“We are pleased by the recent favorable reports that have come out about Nasal Spa®,” said Christina Zhao of Pharmed LLC. “Parents want the best for their babies, and part of that is providing a natural, helpful means of caring for their nasal health. We have accomplished that with Nasal Spa®, and are thrilled to be getting recognition for it.”

Nasal Spa® is an extremely popular nasal spray because of its simplicity. The only two ingredients in the spray are purified water and…

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