Mom reportedly asked to leave first-class seat over crying baby – AOL News

Arielle Noa Charnas recently boarded a Delta Airlines flight from New York City to Los Angeles with her husband and 9-month-old baby girl — and unfortunately it wasn’t a smooth ride.

The popular SomethingNavy blogger was nervous about flying with her daughter Ruby on Dec. 29 for the very first time and told Us Weekly her husband, Brandon, booked first-class tickets so they could be more comfortable.

Little Ruby was overwhelmed as the flight prepared for takeoff and reacted by “screaming crying,” Charnas wrote on Instagram.

“I was getting tons of eye rolls and head shakes from fellow passengers,” Charnas explained. “I tried to ignore the people until 10 minutes passed and a flight attendant came over to me and asked me and my baby to move to the back of the plane.”

“I started crying because I was so stressed and anxious and instead of…

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