HIGHLIGHTS-The Trump presidency on Jan 31 at 10:38 A.M. EST/1538 GMT

Jan 31 Highlights of the day for U.S. President
Donald Trump’s administration on Tuesday:


Some of the seven Muslim-majority countries affected by
Trump’s executive action on U.S. entry will not likely be taken
off the list soon, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says.

Legal challenges to Trump’s first moves to restrict the flow
of people into the United States are spreading as Massachusetts
and San Francisco sue to challenge two of his executive orders.

A group of technology companies will discuss filing an
amicus brief in support of a lawsuit challenging Trump’s order
on U.S. entry.

Mexico sees signs the U.S. government is taking a more
flexible view of how to pay for a border wall and meetings to
craft bilateral relations could take place soon.


Trump will unveil his pick for the U.S. Supreme Court as
Democrats, still fuming over…

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