Give the best to World and best comes to you

Hello there,

Extremely delighted to be back, this time with a shorter period from my last article on the magnificient journey to Nepal…..

The reason that motivated me to pen down my thoughts today is a colleague who sits in a cubicle next to mine who till now I hardly knew untill he offered me some help yesterday.

While I thanked him on mail for the attachments that I needed, there came a surprise note saying, “Hi Namita, You are a good writer. I like your articles on the blog. Your thoughts are well written and bring the emotion & spirit to the context. I think you read a lot of books, Am I right?”

I was completely surprised to see the note and we exchanged a couple of mails where I obviously thanked him for his kind words and confessed am actually too bad when it comes to reading however my dream is to develop the hobby so when I am down, irritated it would be just the books and…

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