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Sleek. Stylish. State of the art. The kind of craft that might serve as the centerpiece display of winter boat shows.

Those are things my Duckbuster is not.

A 12-foot aluminum rowboat built in 1966, it’s older than I am. (I’d say it looks it, too, but then I might be overestimating my own appearance).

Anyway, I put some new swivel seats in it a few years back and bought a small trolling motor to augment its old wooden oars. I caulked a few seams, as well.

It’s otherwise inglorious, if still functional.

Truth be told, I don’t use it a ton. I might more, were circumstances different.

But I inherited it without a trailer and, with two kids in college and other priorities, I’ve never yet tracked one down. The boat fits in the back of my pickup, but loading it is a two-man job. On days…

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