China’s Fear of U.S. Missile Defense Is Disingenuous

A key responsibility of mine during my time in the Pentagon was to devise and implement U.S. defense policies and strategies related to North Korea. One unfortunate aspect of this responsibility was the repeated need to quickly develop options, in collaboration with my colleagues, to respond to North Korean ballistic missile tests. I got a lot of practice: In 2016 alone, Pyongyang conducted more than 20 such tests, despite multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions prohibiting Pyongyang from carrying them out.

Just a few hours after North Korea’s most recent test sent three ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan, the first elements of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) ballistic missile defense system began to arrive in South Korea. In many ways, North Korea provided a stark reminder of why the United States and the South Korea decided to deploy THAAD: The irrefutable ballistic missile threat that North Korea poses to U.S. allies and military forces in East Asia requires a reasonable defensive adjustment to America’s regional force posture. North Korea continues to violate multiple international sanctions, its actions threaten to destabilize the entire Asia-Pacific, and South Korea and the United States have the clear right to defend themselves from such a threat.

Nevertheless, China has been consistently and vociferously against the deployment of THAAD. Beijing has expressed most of its displeasure against South Korea through a robust campaign…

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