BumpOut portable speaker expands to improve audio quality from your phone – Digital Trends

Looking to turn your phone into a more useful and fully fledged speaker? BumpOut might be the speaker for you. The device, just been launched on Indiegogo, aims to offer a slim and ergonomic speaker that is comfortable to carry yet still boasts a premium audio quality.

The coolest thing about the speaker? It expands when you use it to offer a better audio quality and more bass. You can also connect more than one to your device for larger events, so you’re not stuck with one speaker.

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“Motorized Expansion Technology” basically allows the speaker to remain relatively slim and then expand to create a better-sounding acoustic chamber with a richer bass response. It can also be used in a non-expanded position, but you may notice a difference in audio quality.

It also uses what are called “BumpOut coins”…

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