Month: December 2016

Tesla Rolling Out Autopilot Software Updates to 1000 Cars – Bloomberg

by December 31, 2016, 5:04 PM EST Tesla Motors Inc. began rolling out software updates to customers with newer cars, bringing them to parity with owners who have what’s known as “Autopilot 1” and setting the stage to ultimately unleash full self-driving capability. “HW2 Autopilot software uploading to 1,000 cars this eve. Will then hold […]

Frye: Figuring out boat troubles – Tribune-Review

Updated 14 minutes ago Sleek. Stylish. State of the art. The kind of craft that might serve as the centerpiece display of winter boat shows. Those are things my Duckbuster is not. A 12-foot aluminum rowboat built in 1966, it’s older than I am. (I’d say it looks it, too, but then I might be […]

Give the best to World and best comes to you

Hello there, Extremely delighted to be back, this time with a shorter period from my last article on the magnificient journey to Nepal….. The reason that motivated me to pen down my thoughts today is a colleague who sits in a cubicle next to mine who till now I hardly knew untill he offered me […]